Unicorn Real Estate AG

UNICORN REAL ESTATE AG is a holding company which is constituted as a parent company with legally independent subsidiaries. Within its corporate organization, UNICORN REAL ESTATE AG is going to establish several independent companies which are connected to each other within a hierarchical relationship.

The German subsidiary Unicorn Real Estate GmbH is a real estate company operating nationwide, in which the business units Project Development, Sales and Real Estate Management as well as the conception and placement of investment products in their own respective investments are interlinked under one roof.

The management, administration and financing of the respective investments are guaranteed by UNICORN REAL ESTATE AG with the aim of leading the UNICORN GROUP to social and economic success. Our subsidiaries are included in the consolidated financial statements by means of full consolidation.

Business Unit Development

The Development division within the UNICORN GROUP develops and implements innovative solutions for differentiated tasks. The objective is the development and realization of complex measures in residential construction (emphasis on “monument-refurbished real estate”). We accompany these real estate projects in all phases of planning and construction. This is followed by the structuring and distribution of these projects. Joint ventures or shareholdings with locally well-connected real estate experts support further growth and enable the integration of regional know-how.

Business Model UNICORN GROUP

UNICORN GROUP acquires real estate projects with a focus on listed buildings and consistently implements the optimal value chain in the real estate industry, from project development to the sale and/or distribution of apartments. This guarantees us a portfolio that is tailored to both the needs of high tax investors as well as future users. Therefore, the essential foundations for future profitability and marketability of a property are already established at the beginning of project development,.

The business model for UNICORN GROUP developed by UNICORN REAL ESTATE AG is based on the main competence of employed architects/specialists for the financing of our real estate projects with banks as well as a network of excellent consulting companies.



Thomas Bicker

Thomas Bicker is responsible for finances and accounting of the UNICORN GROUP. Being an international accountant, Thomas Bicker has 25 years of experience in financing of residential, commercial and special real estate, funds and companies. With his extensive experience as a long-time commercial director and chief financial officer in various companies, both in the real estate sector as well as in retail and wholesale, he develops profitability and liquidity plans for financing our real estate projects with financial institutions.